The Deep Space Five Jive

Welcome to the Monthly Newsletter for Obsidian Fleet’s Starbase Deep Space Five.

The year is 2392 – twelve years after the events from the last  Star Trek canon movie, Star Trek: Nemesis.

Deep Space Five, a Celestial Class Starbase hangs on the edge of explored Federation territory. A city in space that more than a hundred thousand beings call home, this thriving frontier hub hosts the state of the art Border Research Institute, Diplomatic facilities, and The Square Mile – One Hundred Promenade decks – that form the largest concentration of Independent Commercial Enterprises in the Alpha Quadrant.

Assigned to Task Force 21-C in Obsidian Fleet, DS5 is the focus of a bold collaboration between Starfleet and the Romulan Star Empire – an Officer Exchange Program – with DS5 the chosen placement of former Romulan Ambassador Isha t’Vaurek as Station Commander.


Deep Space Five does not follow the timeline where Romulus gets destroyed.

Editor: George “Cheddar” Somerset.



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